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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

I am just waiting to see & hear what Jennifer was thankful for......Really, if you haven't followed along and knew that Jack's photo on the table in the foyer of Horton house, you'd never know what she was looking at. The camera panned a quick second to show photo of JNJ, it was like a nano-second..... so I guess we are to surmise... that she was thankful for Jack.

TPTB showing spurts of Jennifer's insta JackGrief among her lusty eyes for Daniel, like the other day... just don't jive. Chasing after a man that has overtly admitted to loving you is not cool. Jennifer is sending mixed messages, how can he not think that she wants him too. IMO, Dannifer's lust it is almost worst the Ejami GriefSex. If Dannifer sleep together...in 2012 it will only be JackGriefSex. The whole thing doesn't play out right.....
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