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Nov 22 2012, 09:55 AM
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Nov 21 2012, 03:14 PM

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Except that KC didn't say "lock stock and barrel" with ejami; he said with ej/sami which leave that phrasing open to interpretation, which, in my opinion, is exactly was the intention. I guess it depends on which couple you ship how you take what KC said. I guess time will tell, but right now no one knows for sure.
If instead of "Sami/EJ: We're putting our lock, stock, and barrel in those two" Ken Corday had said "Sami/Rafe: We're putting our lock, stock, and barrel in those two", I can honestly say that for me, there wouldn't be much wiggle room on interpretation of what he meant.

The big difference IMO is that Sami/Rafe is the pairing that most people assume will be together, so there would be very little discussion about it. Since he said Sami/EJ, there's a pervasive doubt that the writers will go with a full on pairing of them, so there's a lot of looking for a hidden meaning or a contrary interpretation to dispute the possibility that his statement should be taken literally. Maybe he just meant exactly what it usually means when you say you're going lock, stock, and barrel for something.

Sorry,I don't buy for a minute that if KC had said Sami/Rafe instead of Ej/Sami that the ejami shippers wouldn't have the same doubt that other fanbases have now. That lock,stock and barrel " phrase has caused a lot of talk and no doubt that is exactly what KC wanted, no matter which couple ends up together. I still say no one knowa for sure and we will all have to wait and see how it all plays out.
Well, I'm a card carrying EJami shipper, and I'm telling you I would have taken Corday's statement at face value - that the show was going full steam ahead with a Sami/Rafe story. I'm a shipper, but I'm also a realist. :P

Of course no one knows for sure, but just as you've assumed the reaction of EJamis, if Rafe's name had appeared instead of EJ's, I'm going to assume the level of belief by Safe fans in the validity of "lock stock barrel" would have increased exponentially.

I'm just hoping for some good writing! The show has been much improved, and I hope that continues.

With that, I'm off to spend a few hours in the kitchen. Happy Thanksgiving!

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