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Viewing Single Post From: Wednesday, November 21st Daily Discussion
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I thought Wednesday's episode was great. Eric and Nicole were fantastic. I LOVED the photoshoot flashback. It gives the story a lot more weight when they use actual flashbacks than the ones they manufacture. For those who didn't know their history or weren't around back then, it helped reinforce that they have history and that this coupling will be different from other insta-pairings. I even caught a little flirting on Eric's part. ;)

However, I had to :facepalm: Nicole for strolling into Jen's place uninvited. That's not the way to do things, hun. Then again, the conversation Hope had with Eric made you think Nicole was going to do something else. I like how that ended. As for Hope/Eric convo, both were right. Nicole is a hot mess and she uses people. I love the girl but I calling a spade a spade. Those are two things I like about her anyway. However, Eric should counsel her. I don't think anyone else can get through to her.

I thought the book club was great. It was nice to see a group of women sitting in a room chatting, even though it had a clear purpose :laugh: . Billie commenting on the forbidden love aspect was a bit awkward considering that Hope asked the question but I guess that's water under the bridge at this point. On a side note, Adrienne looked stunning. She needs to be on more. She might not be because the Wabi baby is centered around Gabi, Will and Nick but once it all blows up, I'm sure she will be there reminding everyone how her gut told her Will was going to break her son's heart.

Speaking of Wabi, they were great once again. Lucas was great being there for his son but double meanings for the audience did not get past me. :laugh: It was so awkward for Sonny and lucas giving them money for the abortion what they had no idea what it was really for. Kudos to Days for that. Will was so supportive and a great friend.The buildup between Sami and Rafe finding them and Gabi going to get the abortion was great. It made me wish I wasn't a spoiler ho because I would be wondering what happened next. It was a great cliffhanger.
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