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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

Nov 22 2012, 08:14 AM
Nov 21 2012, 08:47 PM
Agreed. I think the purpose of these lingering feelings was to keep the feelings she had for Daniel genuine. They don't turn off overnight. However, Nicole needs to move onto bigger and better things. Daniel isn't worth the drama.
She'll move on, but I think this is TomSell not doing a 180 like we're used to seeing or not flicking that emotion light switch where a person feels one way on Monday but totally different on Tuesday. I hate that she's even still thinking about Danny, but it's more realistic than pretending that she didn't just go off the deep end partly because of her "feelings" [I think it was more desperation than love] for him.
IA that it is somewhat better for TPTB to make Nicole's feelings for Daniel real, rather than have her up and forget that she even cared about him. It is just sort of hard to buy.. I felt that Nic was using Daniel all along...to keep her baby from EJ and I wasn't so much sold on her 'feelings' for him. When her baby died... she still wanted to run away with him. even knowing that her baby was dead. Nicole thinking that Daniel was the real deal... sickening....Chloe's ex... Jen's wanna be. Daniel is becoming TPTB male version of Sami... and we all know what ppl think of that :frustration:
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