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Nov 21 2012, 10:22 PM
Nov 21 2012, 10:15 PM
Caroline does tell Daniel, and he forgives her. Jennifer is very impressed with him because of this.

Because it takes a saint, nay, almost a god, to forgive an distraught 80 year old Alzheimer patient when she's standing in front of you begging for forgiveness.
Can someone explain Caroline and test swap
Long story short, the happiness of Caroline's granddaughter Stephanie depended on the results of that paternity results. Yes, the child wasn't even hers, but it was still important. Stephanie was engaged to a douche called Nathan, who pined for Saint Melanie. Saint Melanie, Saint Daniel's daughter, was married to Philip and Philip cheated on her with Chloe, Daniel's then-wife. When Chloe fell pregnant, even though only a few months earlier she had been told she could not get pregnant, she didn't know the father was. But, who ever does in Salem? So, she had a paternity test result and Stephanie found out about it. The following "logic" then developed: If Melanie found out about Philip and Chloe's affair, she'd leave Philip and go after Nathan, who would immediately leave Stephanie. Don't ask why anyone would leave someone who looks like Stephanie, TPTB certainly can't tell you. Anyhow, Stephanie used Ian's help (Ian being Stephanie's possible long-lost twin and a guy whose name was reused only a few short months later by MarDar) to find out the results. The intial results showed that the child wasn't Daniel's. Then, when they came back to switch the results, they found that someone had beaten them to it. A few months later, the switcher turned out to be Caroline. Yep, an ancient grandmother apparently knows how to switch results on a computer. The reasoning: she wanted to ensure Stephanie's happiness.

Ridiculous, right?
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