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Viewing Single Post From: Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 11/19
The Room Stops
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Nov 22 2012, 01:23 PM
If I ever watched a show for a couple, it was a couple written where you knew it was true love, and they were destined to be together despite all the odds. It was never because I wanted this character with this one over that one. My biggest problem with this show (besides some lame-ass writing and storytelling), is that there are no real odds for any couple because no matter how well they are written, they might be paired up with someone else on a whim or a change of writers. These instant pairings are a symptom of this. We are told before a pair even shares a scene together that they are going to be together, then they have a 5 second meet-cute, the next episode they sleep together, the next they declare their I Love You's, and next week they are on to someone else. I can't think of one single couple on screen right now that is being written as a love for the ages, except perhaps for John and Marlena and others in the older set (who are really just set decorations any more.) On the one hand, it is sad that romance is seemingly dead in what was once a romance genre, but on the other hand... with the rise and popularity of reality tv and lowest-common-denominator hook-ups and melt-downs, tptb assume that the audience wants to be mortified and titillated. Why write real romance when watching the stars bed-hopping and humiliating themselves bring the ratings? I'm tempted to say it's no more than we deserve.

Triangles (and other shapes) have a place in romance, but it should be either one where the axis point character is legitimately torn by two suitors, either out of true love or duty or both, or one where there is an interloper, or any number of scenarios where the common theme is that you know which two characters are meant to be together. Not where a character is torn between two good lays. It's awesome when there is a real villain, and it's awesome when there is a real villain who is redeemed by love... but it is not awesome when the villain is bad,then he's good, then he's bad, then he's good, and he (or she) just comes across as weak and wishy-washy. There should be knights in shining armor, good guys, white hats, and it's okay when they have to do bad things (which they always regret and learn to live with), but it's lame as hell when the good guys are smug and sanctimonious, and they do bad things and it's okay because they are the ones who do them, and anything done by the hero is well done indeed.

I just wish that these jokers would realize that people aren't really disappointed because their favorites aren't the ones who get the girl or the guy, we're really disappointed because all we're really given to root for anymore is who gets to knock boots with whom. I miss rooting for the good guy to win, and the delicious thrill of rooting for the bad guy every once in a while.

Except for John & Marlena, and Doug & Julie, there is not a single couple I believe are soulmates, destined, never-ever-stop-loving-you. Tom & Alice thankfully remain intact. Justin & Adrienne are never really seen together, which is a shame. They're also of the soap-soulmates variety, the soapy classic supercouple and should be utlized alongside J&M, B&H, D&J as the base for the show, while the 30somethings are the dirty fivesome or whatever, and the teens/20somethings are the new loves.

Bo & Hope: Higley did a number on them so that I don't see that B&H4eva thing anymore (not PR&KA's fault, writers completely).
Jack & Jennifer: They've ruined J&J so far past me wanting Jack to be saddled with that bitch should he ever return.
Steve & Kayla: Steve and Kayla, they've managed to write that totally out of character (I don't for a second believe Steve OR Kayla would ever divorce each other, Kayla and Marlena are both of the kind of soap heroines that actually MOURN their husbands, Jennifer could use a lesson).

Mickey and Maggie certainly are dunzo, Victor and Caroline had potential to be the "loved-each-other-more-but-could-never-be" couple, but they chose Victor and Magster? It's ridiculous. Most supercouple-halves have also had other loves, what makes them a supercouple is that they ARE the destined-for-always, soulmate kind. Those were the glory days in soaps. It also doesn't mean both have to be goody-two-shoes, but shooting each other in the head (very willingly), and physical abuse is not the supercouple kind. There hasn't really been supercouple potential on this show since Austin & Carrie, and they truly fucked that up with the Mike shit.

Beautiful post, Sparrow.
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