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One of the major problems with the show is that they are TRYING too hard to create the next Doug and Julie, Bo and Hope, John and Marlena. These things happen naturally. They are putting couples together and basically telling us how great they are and how much they love each other. We aren't seeing it naturally happen. I don't want to be told that Brady and Madison are going to be an explosive couple. I want to see it. Sami and EJ, Sami and Rafe. These are not ever going to work because they bounce around. Sami's only chance, IMO, to be part of a real couple is with Lucas and that ship has sailed because they don't seem at all interested in those two together.

I would rather see months of Lucas bouncing from girl to girl until something SPARKS. The taping schedule is a big problem. They can't properly gauge fan reaction in time. I don't trust Tomlin and Whitesell to be able to figure out which characters really have chemistry on their own with that three month gap. Its just not going to happen.
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