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Nov 22 2012, 12:36 AM
What they should do, what any responsible and good writer would do, is make it absolutely clear that Sami knows she needs to stand on her own. She know Ej is a nut job bad guy. And she knows she needs the destroy the Dimeras and their evil company from within meanwhile building herself a new company with solid footing and the Dimeras law abiding clientale. She needs John, Rafe, Kate, Lucas and the good Tony. Plus Roman since his battles with stephano stared it all.

A story like that could shake the entire town while giving Sami strength by having her with a clear goal she never waivers from. She needs to be strong. And she will never be that if they keep putting her under EJ's thumb as this fickle character who doesn't know herself or her emotions. It's just not Sami. Say what you will, whether you loves her or hated her, you always knew what Sami was thinking and who she wanted to be.

The audience used to never question Sami's fortitude, her ability to know and go after what she wanted. Be it in the boardroom or bedroom. Now that's all we do is question it. He'll, she even questions it.
How do you do that to the father of your children?

How do you destroy someone who means so much to your kids, who is loving and caring towards the kids?

Now I know you are all going to bring up Sydney's kidnapping here and keeping Johnny away from Samanther after she shot him but - I think at those points in time Sami had proven herself to be a pretty sub par mother and I can see how at that point EJ would think it was in the kids best interests to be away from her.
It wasn't just the shooting of Elvis it was more than she allowed and encourage Will to become and accessory to it without concern for his welfare. She also had abandoned Grace in a convent as a newborn.
When he found out Sydney wasn't his, EJ was the one who knew it was better for her to be able to be with her real parents.

The problem for Sami is that she doesn't know EJ is a "nut job bad guy" because she also sees the good aspects in him and she realises that a lot of his less desirable character traits are similar to some of her own.

In some ways both Sami and Nicole are attracted to EJ because he is bad, because with him they are not "less than" when they are a little underhanded themselves. Now if he was going to be hooked up with Carrie or Belle then he would need a total character redemption.
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