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Viewing Single Post From: Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 11/19

Nov 21 2012, 04:53 PM
Nov 21 2012, 04:29 PM
Nov 21 2012, 11:48 AM
And I don't care WHO is writing, there's always going to be an overly vocal "fanbase" who doesn't like what's going on. Also, no matter how good the overall show might be, there'll still be some clunker storylines in there. No one hits it out of the park all the time. I remember during the heyday of Patch & Kayla, we still had to deal with that stupid & annoying Mike/Janice/Bill triangle that made no sense & went no where. Unfortunately, the way some fanbases act today, if they were watching back then, all they'd be able to focus on would be the Mike/Janice/Bill triangle while ignoring anything else going on. IMO, there are people who seem to be too into their own fanwank hatred & fury that they actually have blinders on to anything that might be remotely good because acknowledging that would interfere with their own narrative.
While I see your larger point, it's a dicey area because some of what you're saying borders on fan-bashing. After all, it could be argued the reverse -- that some fans who like the show are putting on blinders and are not seeing the glaring flaws, etc., etc.

All I'll say is that it's nice to see that some people are able to enjoy the show now. I'll also say that it reminds me of this time last year when so many people were making similar comments about MarDar -- that it was taking them a while to wrap up the previous botched storylines and that generally there was more balance and better use of the characters, etc., etc. People were still highly optimistic in November even though Eggbaby, griefsex, and the J/D/J triangle were already causing backlash. By January, and certainly by March, it was a completely different story.

Yes, you are right. People thought MarDar were an improvement. But that's because, compared to Higley's offensive ridiculousness, they were a huge improvement for a little while. And then things went to hell. I'm fairly confident that if TomSell's stories go to hell in the same way, you'll see the same response.

Nobody is saying that the show is perfect and will continue to be the most perfect thing ever until the end of time. All anybody is saying is that, right now, it's pretty damn watchable in our opinions. A month from now, it may be a totally different story. Or maybe it will continue to be decent to good for a while. I'm simply not going to assume that the show is going to suck in 2 months because things went to hell under Higley. By the same token, I'm not going to assume it's going to be perfect either. I think we're all just taking it week to week at this point.

As for your comment about people likeing the show having blinders on, I don't think that's true of the people I've seen posting, but I'll grant your point that it is certainly possible to have blinders going both ways. But, two wrongs don't make a right and Matt is right that there are some fans who are so angry over one issue with a character or couple that they continuously condemn the whole show despite the fact that they also insist they aren't watching said show. If those are the fans TPTB are supposed to be listening to, I'd just as soon they not listen to anybody.
I think you and Matt make many valid points, and we ultimately agree that the show should just concentrate on writing good stories. Just three points to add to what you've both said:

1) A show that's been around as long as Days creates viewer relationships that extend well beyond any single set of writers and producers. Many people wander in and out of regular viewership for various reasons, as have been stated by several in this thread. So, even though some people may not be able to tune into the current regime for whatver reason (school, life, aversion to writers, etc.), that doesn't negate their overall fandom of the show nor, imo, does it automatically deny them the ability to express their sentiments about how the show is faring based on summaries and clips posted here.

2) Regarding the Bill/Janice/Mike triangle and it's relative weakness vis a vis other storylines of that time, I remember it. And I understand the point Matt makes about how one set of viewers can harp daily on a single storyline gone bad. But here are two things to consider in this modern era: 1) Back then, that storyline was a relative anomaly. The percentage of really good storylines far outweighed the bad. So people would be more likely to put up with one bad s/l when there were so many others that were going on; and (2) today, people have the choice of watching youtube clips to just follow the pieces they like and can ignore the rest. This is a big problem for ratings and the show hasn't properly recognized or dealt with this tendency. In fact, the way stories are now written in isolation, the writers actually cater to this tendency. Back then, I really didn't consider fast forwarding through Bill/Janice/Mike because not only was it a relative blip in the overall high quality of the show, but also there might be a tie-in to a story I cared about. Today, while some choose not to watch any of the show, a vast number of others catch bits and pieces and skip the rest. I'm curious, do you count them as viewers? Should the ratings people count them as viewers?

3) Even if there are viewers that insist on expressing negative views while not watching (i.e., they "have blinders on"), that still doesn't negate my original point, which is that the show should be trying to find a way to increase viewership by both attracting new first-time viewers (a difficult proposition) as well as bringing back lapsed viewers (a dicey proposition). The only way their ratings will go up is if they pursue one or both of these paths. And my point was that they should be trying to figure out why viewers left in droves and yet linger around message boards to keep up with the show. Doesn't mean they won't have to sift through a bunch of single-issue viewpoints. But, as both of you have mentioned in various ways, there are some overriding and fundamental concerns that have been well-articulated on this and other message boards. The show's PTB would do well to seek them out and take them seriously.

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