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I don't disagree with any of your points. I don't think Matt or I ever said that everybody not watching and/or posting falls into the same category. There are definitely posters who aren't watching or who don't watch with regularity who make very salient points about the show and/or storylines. I'd like to think I've been one of them since there have certainly been periods where I read recaps more than I watched.

And sure, if the show wants to grow the audience it needs to look at reasons why people aren't watching. I just think the answer is pretty simple. If the stories are good, people watch. If the stories are bad, people don't watch. And that goes for "couple" fans too. I've lost count of the number of people who have repeatedly announced they aren't watching because the story for their couple sucks. And that's fine, but that doesn't mean their conclusion that the whole show is bad and/or the writers should be fired is a particularly objective one.

We all have our opinions about the show and about how it should be. Many of the people posting, whether positive or negative or in-between, do so in a very thoughtful way that includes good ideas that TPTB should definitely take into account. Others are clearly far more concerned with a character or a couple than the show. That's fine. It's their right, of course. I just hope those aren't the opinions TPTB are listnening to since I don't believe it will do anything to improve the show.

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