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In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest it features an article about Cane's worries...

Cane Feels Threatened

After Neil informs Cane that Devon will be working at Jabot, it rubs Cane the wrong way because Cane had to work really hard to get where heís at with Jabot. Cane feels thereís obvious nepotism going on. Devon feels Caneís growing concerns and try to reassure him that heís not after anyoneís job.

Next, Cane feels demoralized when Neil asks him to show Devon around Jabot, making him miss important meetings. Cane feels Neil is dismissive toward him. Cane is concerned but Neil keeps telling him that he doesnít have anything to worry about. Things donít get better when Cane tries running some ideas with Neil and Neil tells him to run them by Devon when itís only his first day.

Later, Cane voices apprehensions to Lily, telling her that he could not do his job at work because he had to show Devon around. Lily tells him her dad would never do anything like that. Cane suspects Neil hasnít truly forgiven him about all the hurt heís caused Lily in the past.

For more pick up the December 4th issue of Soap Opera Digest.
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