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In the December 4th issue of Soap Opera Digest it features an article about Sonny and Connie...

Sonny and Connie Face Off

When Sonny realizes that his psychiatric team is no match for a determined Connie, he sweeps in to try to summon Kate himself. He turns on the romance, but it leads to an argument.. This duo is no stranger to heated confrontations but this one is very revealing, a huge discussion comes out of it. “If Connie is not the alter, if Connie’s the real personality, Connie and I were in love in Bensonhurst, why do you hate me.”

Connie thinks Sonny is responsible for what happened to her. If he was never in her life, she would have never been raped. It’s a moment where Sonny finally understands Connie’s mental state. He again tries to reach Kate and she does almost come out but Michael interrupts ruining the moment.

For more pick up the latest Digest.
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