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I think the point they're making here with Nicole's feelings for Dan is that no woman it seems is above turning into a complete fool for this man. He is in a sense the male Sami but even with Sami, the men in her life are allowed to be annoyed with her or think she's not worth it after she does them wrong. Dan on the other hand cannot do wrong in any woman's eyes even if he treats her like total crap. They're not even allowed to be angry with him or tell him off. Nicole should have told him off by now for using her like he did instead of pathetically longing for his love. I realize she was in an emotional state with the baby but this is just ridiculous now. Especially after the humiliation she went through when pretty much all of Salem condemned her to the point where she was driven to near suicide, if she can't realize still that Dan is not worth it then I guess it really is up to Father Eric to make her see the light, lol. Seriously, I have yet to see any one of these women who Dan has chewed up and spit out tell him off. At least allow Nicole to finally tell him he's not all that. It would be a shame if the Dicole disaster finally ended with Nicole just admitting defeat because the amazing doctor doesn't want her. I'd rather see her knock him down a few notches from his pedestal.
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