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Don't get up. So how are you? What happened, eh? Let me guess, Stefano told you that you could fly,and you jumped off a building. HeHe It's funny right, no I'm sorry Bad EJ, I should'nt be that cruel!

Nov 22 2012, 09:30 AM
if TPTB really read this board, I want them to bring back Lindsay Hartley, say she was in the witness protection program. Then we can have EJ+Arianna against Rafe+Sami; I'm wayy over Sami having all the men in town. I mean, wait until this storyline eventually blows up in EJ's face of course (we all know that's coming) but for the next plot point, this would be great. We all know replacing Arianna with Taylor was a huge mistake, maybe it's time to correct that.
I was always in favor of them together, their friendship could have turned into a relationship. That is if she was not there to make him 'good', than that will be a huge no. I just think they were something new and refreshing, besides the height difference.
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