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Friday CAN/Monday US via rediculous

Nina tells Paul they don't have to discuss this anymore. He says it's not that simple. She says it is. Nina is going back to LA. Christine and Paul decide to go forward with their relationship.

Tucker tells Kevin and Chloe that Adam offered him his share in Tag 'n' Grab, but there is a catch, Adam had a stipulation in the contract that if he ever sold out the new buyer would have the option as the main investor to buy out Kevin and Chloe at a nominal fee, and Tucker wants to do that, so they lose everything. Kevin and Chloe have a really big fight, Kevin is ballistic goes banging on Adam's door, I guess we will see the results of that on Monday.

At Billy and Victoria's house, Victor tells Billy to take his things and get out - he doesn't ever want to see him near his daughter again. He will tell Victoria about LA and Billy knowing he was there. Nick takes up for Billy, telling Victor that Billy was right beside him in taking down the kidnapper, Nick thinks Victor should back off. Billy leaves and goes to see Jack, they also have a fight as Billy blames Jack for Vikki going to Miami. Kyle is back, he is upset with Jack also.

Nikki doesn't agree with Victor on the stance he is taking with Billy. She says Victoria has the right to make up her own mind about Billy, you can't order Billy out, that's his home and his wife, some say our love is twisted and abusive—yet we're going forward--only they know how they feel, it's their love, they are not children you can't control hearts and minds. Victor tells Nikki about Billy knowing he was in LA.

Nick and Avery's relationship intensifies, after Nick gets back from Miami, he goes home and no one is there, he phones Avery, she asks him to come over, he tells her about Vikki and the kidnapping, then they talk about about their feelings for each other and decide to go with them.. Nick mentions Cassie and how life has no guarantees, Nick tells her every second of my life matters, I want to spend the rest of it with you.

Vikki home alone, scared, she falls asleep on the sofa, Billy arrives they hug and he asks her to forgive him.

I should add that while Victor was ordering Billy out, Nikki had taken Victoria upstairs to rest!
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