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Nov 21 2012, 11:09 PM
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can someone remind me why Philip didn't go after Pocket (or whatever his real name was) and get his parental rights back?
I agree that it's ridiculous to rewrite paternity. Especially since i'm sure that it's the only idea TPTB had for causing tension between Dannifer. Dan will now have to choose between Jen and his kid. *eye roll* (especially since that pseudo sounds like Bo/Hope/Billie circa 1998, where Bo & Hope clearly wanted to be together, but Bo had obligations to Billie because she was pregnant.)
From what I remember (I may be wrong, it's been a while lol) I think he started to, but Belle talked him out of it... she made him realize how happy Tyler was with his foster family, and then Philip decided it would be best if he stayed with them so he didn't fight for his parental rights and let the foster family adopt him
It was actually Kayla, not Belle, but you're right, that's basically what happened. The whole thing made Philip and Stayla look pretty awful, imo.
Kayla asked Philip if he wanted Tyler for the right reasons or something like that. She pointed out that if he wanted the baby in order to fill the empty spaces in his life left by Belle and Claire, that would be tough, because Tyler needed someone who could concentrate on HIM, cuz he was pretty sick. Then Kayla and Philip watched through the hospital window as some newly appointed and perfect foster parents fawned over little Tyler, implying that really both Philip and Kayla ought to give the little one up to these WONDERFUL new, never before seen foster parents, because it was best for Tyler.

Next thing you know Philip is admitting to belle that Tyler was a substitute for belle and Claire, though maybe not in those words, and that Tyler wouldn't heal him.

A couple of years later, it was said that Philip didn't keep Tyler, and he also arranged it so that Steve and Kayla couldn't adopt him. He agreed that they were good people, but he had his reasons. I just can't remember what those reasons were.
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