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I just (well...between yesterday and today) watched four episodes in a row, and IDK which was which, so I'm just going to put my current thoughts here.

Gabi/Will - I think their scenes have been really good. I'm still not a fan of Gabi at all, and I still wish they'd acknowledge what she did last summer (though it's like they still might), but I do like the way Will and Gabi interact and the acting has gone up a notch for both CM and CB. I'm not enjoying Nick. BB is fine, but I find nothing enjoyable about Nick. But the character really bringing the story down is Sonny. He's just terrible and boring and way too vanilla. I REALLY liked the Gabi/Will/Lucas scenes. That was soapy and just really good. The writers don't seem to know what they want for Lucas at all, though.

Sami/Rafe - I like that they're in a supporting role. But Rafe's sudden protectiveness is too out of nowhere and just too much. And Sami's blabbermouth is not in character, IMO. She's never really been one to blab stuff without thinking. She usually blabs secrets intentionally. Accidentally spilling everyone's secrets isn't her thing at all. Plus, when she was doing it while at the same time whining about Rafe not trusting her with secrets I couldn't believe they didn't have Rafe call her out on it. Meanwhile, she respects Rafe more as an uncle than she does EJ or Lucas as fathers. Awesome. Also, someone was complaining about Sami needing to use Gabi's computer to send an e-mail. The reason why was addressed on the show. ;)

Eric/Nicole - I think they have chemistry, and I've loved their scenes...until Wednesday (I think). The dialogue was just terrible. It was the kind of dialogue they should have in a few months. Nicole is sick of hearing Eric talk about God? It was their 4th scene! But I did really like how they did the photoshoot flashbacks. And again...I think they have great chemistry.

John/Marlena/Kristen/Brady - I really like the John/Marlena/Kristen part of this story. I like that John and Marlena are both mad and it's not just one of them. Marlena's human speech was REALLY good. It is a little early, but I'm glad they've shown Kristen's hand to the audience. Marlena's concerns are completely valid to me, but I know the history. I think if they'd held off too much longer all we would have been hearing was how Kristen was sacrificed for Marlena. I don't like Brady's role in the story. It may just be because I don't want to see it, but quite frankly I don't see any romantic chemistry with ED and I find their banter annoying. I also don't like how John is treating him like he's about five years old. Why on earth is his daddy signing his discharge papers? The scenes about the church board were definitely my least favorite.

Jennifer/Daniel - They're fine. I've always thought the actors worked fine together. I just think MA and MR completely blow them away. But whatever. Their scenes were pretty good, and Jennifer is looking so much better.

Other odds and ends - EJ got on my nerves on Friday. I'm so sick of him reaming everyone else out for crimes so similar to his own. The scenes with Theo and Ciara were adorable, and I really appreciated that no one tried to shush Ciara when she started talking about Lexie. The book club scenes were cute and the actors were all very natural about it, but it was obviously cut and ended up not making much sense. I like the idea though. Chad is a waste of space. Abby's scene with Jennifer was cute. Maxine gets on my nerves. I like Gabi's room.
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