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Spencer Hastings
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camera shy
Nov 23 2012, 08:18 PM
Nov 23 2012, 11:35 AM
Chad is not a 'new' guy...so how would that make sense?
Chabby 2.0 will just be another bust used to prop WABI's wedding & things.

I just don't see that point in their relationship... Chad's character is a useless. I would really like to see CD replaced by a different actor and then the writers could actually focus on writing for his character again. There is absolutely nothing about Chad that makes me think he belongs with Abby at this point.
He is such a useless character. He should have lef town with Mia. I don't know why anyone would think Stefano needed to have another child.
Sometimes I think that the only reason Chad became a long term character was because Casey was dating Molly at the time and she had some kind of amazing pull that made everyone on that set want to please her. Now they're kind of stuck with the character because there are no guys in that age group who aren't gay.
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