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Some of you beat me in regards of points I want to make about this show but we've all repeated ourselves before right! Lol.

Kristian Alfonso looked FLAWLESS!!!! My God, I was amazed! I totally remember this episode when it aired all those years ago...and I've rewatched bits and pieces over and over on YouTube but only for the Susan scenes. Seeing this on a big screen tv was über cool and KA was just stunning.

Boy do I miss Vivian and Ivan! I love how Vivian wanted to get the hell out of there but would get sucked into the drama....and poor Ivan spilling the beans at the end for numerous reasons...one being his tie. Lol. Great stuff. Of course the teeth would land in Viv's glass. Perfect just like it was all those years ago.

Stephanie Cameron apparently went to the same acting school as Charity Rahmer...although Cameron may have graduated, at least.

Would someone PLEASE take Laura seriously and stop injecting her?!?! Drove me nuts way back when and drove me nuts today!

Susan....my sweet drunken Susan!! That 3 second look on her face when the camera pans to her after the teeth are in Viv's glass is the most priceless 3 seconds of daytime ever. Bless her heart.

Krista Allen is smokin hot!

*sigh* Celeste.....we need you!!!!!!

Stefano in "disguise" is hilarious. Nobody would ever know that's the head of the vampires. No way :).

Im starting to think the writers dont have to dumb John down for a storyline or three, he's been pretty damn dumb before. Lol

Overall, what a blast to see this episode on my tv today. I had the hugest smile all the way thru. I hope they will give us more classic episodes in the future. This is not the episode I would've chosen. Kenny already mentioned the ones more worthy. However, I really enjoyed it!
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