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camera shy

Nov 24 2012, 09:43 AM
Nov 24 2012, 02:31 AM
Rafe is not happy about EJ being Sami's new boss.

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Im gonna ask a simple question here... Is Rafe EVER happy about anything Sami does anymore? She could be working for the Pope and hed find 50 things wrong with it!

And as for Nicole working in a church...Whats up with that? So Eric is a priest and now Nicole wants to be second to a nun for him? Good Grief!
I would say,after all the shit that Sami and Ej have done to each other, it is understandable why Rafe is concerned about Ej being her boss. Even tho Safe isn't together right now,Rafe loves Sami and wants them to be together. Rafe has always been protective of Sami when it comes to Ej, and, if I am not mistaken, she has always welcomed that. Now Sami has declared that she can handle Ej, but if past circumstances are any indicator of future circimstances, we know that is probably not true which is why Rafe is concerned.
And he'll probably come to her rescue once again when he shouldn't even want her back. I think if they wrote Rafe in character he wouldn't take Sami back if she continued to be around EJ for more than just the kids. I think he would forgive her for the griefsex, but this game she constantly plays with EJ I don't think he would stick around for it. I wish they would move Rafe out of Sami's orbit and give him a new leading lady, he deserves someone who will be completely faithful to him and that doesn't appear to be Sami.
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