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Nov 24 2012, 11:28 AM
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awwww! Look at the happy little family to be ......... :offs: Will is gay right.? :unsure:
That seems to be the question as of late. If I had never seen this show before and watched Will and Gabi the past few episodes I'd be certain they were in a real deep relationship with each other that goes way beyond just having a baby together.
I have questioned Will's sexuality ever since he and Gabi had sex. Their sex scene was far hotter than the Will and Sonny sex scene because both Will and Gabi were into it at the time. The Will and Sonny sex scene was more like sex between a straight man and a gay man. This scene at the family clinic is merely more of the same as I've been seeing for the past several months. The script may say that Will has to kiss or sleep with Sonny; but Massey's eyes and body language tell a completely different story, a story reinforced by the above picture which certainly suggests Will is into Gabi more than a gay man appreciates his straight female bestie during a difficult time in her life. I'm about to reach the point where I want the writers to make Will straight again and then bring on someone who actually wants to portray a gay character so that Sonny can have a boyfriend who is into him more than someone with a pair a boobs.
But aren't there plenty of gay men who marry women and have children with them and then one day decide to to be true to themselves and live openly as gay? They're not in love with the women they married, but they certainly do love them as family. I think that where Will is. He's not in love with Gabi, but he does love and cares about her and wants to be there for her as a good friend. When I look at that picture I see somone comforting a friend, not a couple in love. Gabi isn't even focused on Will, she just looks scared and nervous.
I agree that Will isn't in love with Gabi as the writing says that sometimes but other times it makes you wonder. And the way it's coming across to some fans in the acting department is that Will is in love with Gabi and vice versa. It really is a mess here when it comes to Will's sexuality :lol: .
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