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Nov 24 2012, 12:07 PM
not really tweet related, but I visited Sony's Days website and noticed they are starting to post Classic Kristen clips. I wonder if they plan on showing more classic episodes soon or flashbacks in current episodes.

Interesting. If Friday's classic episode does okay in the ratings, then maybe DAYS will begin airing classic episodes once a month on a Friday. (Didn't the ABC soaps do something similar to this a few years ago?) And because DAYS would be saving money by having to produce one fewer episode a month, DAYS could use that extra money to build more sets or increase the wardrobe budget. (I'm sure the storylines would still suck, but at least the actors would have better clothing during the sucky storylines!)

And to bring this back to the tweets, @NBCDays posted several tweets to promote Friday's classic episode, and there seemed to be a lot of positive reaction in the twitter feed. I hope DAYS notices this and decides to air some classic episodes that relate to the current storylines. (For example, DAYS could promote Eric's return as a priest by airing a classic episode in which Marie becomes a nun or the episode in which John discovers he was a priest.)
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