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Nov 24 2012, 03:28 PM
And to bring this back to the tweets, @NBCDays posted several tweets to promote Friday's classic episode, and there seemed to be a lot of positive reaction in the twitter feed. I hope DAYS notices this and decides to air some classic episodes that relate to the current storylines. (For example, DAYS could promote Eric's return as a priest by airing a classic episode in which Marie becomes a nun or the episode in which John discovers he was a priest.)
When I was reading the classic episode thread yesterday, I was thinking that they should have used one of those Twitter promotional things during the episode -- the ones with the hashtags that appear in the corner of the screen during various shows. Not the generic ones that simply consist of the show's title -- I'm talking about the more complex, episode-specific ones on certain shows like Fringe that are meant to get people talking about a big moment that occurred in the episode. Something like #ClassicDays or #Teeth or #Busted.

In fact, they could do this on every episode, with a different hashtag each day, to generate buzz while the show is airing. As far as I'm aware, none of the soaps currently utilize anything more than the generic hashtags. I can't imagine that it would cost much to do it.
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