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stef and kate need to be together and becomr major skum bags. making anything stef ever done look like he was an angel. hook ej with somebody instead of having him going around in circles. match him with a woman or man cat dog just give him a stable relationship for at least a year so he can be the evil ej or make him into a decent person just give him some blinking direction and story. we need victor to become more cival and decent. have them someting like mac and rachel on another world . gabbi is pregnant. don't agree with will being the father but .....................................here would be a great plot twist......../it will cause sonny and will trouble be let them work it out they deserve it heres the twist the goone she hired knocker her up cause in order for him to do all she wanted to mel he wanted to sleep with her and she did and its that sicko's child. the priest and nicole yes . hes undercover to get stefano and his clit. they have to get justice. let gabi committ suicide thats a storyline that needs to be talked about . nick should be a male hooker doing everone ...i know thats stretching it alot... i just so pissed at days. but i like him do justice and give him something to do besides wash dushes and screw gabi perhaps he could help her leave this world . oh take rafe with her. rafe is so boring even his love scence with sami or her sister were boring . hook him with a hot one night stand with a male not will or sonny lets see if that could make it interesting enough to keep me awake when hes on screen yawn ............ it would be interesting .... give this guy a chance to act or leave the show or recast do something. i am tired of brady ....what can i say ....don't even know what to even recommend for a story for jim. john/mar don't have any good story just the reashed threesome story with whats her name can't even thinks of it i am so impressed with her return. get rid of jennifer pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
i can't take anymore of her and her virginal acting take the brat too. bring back justin and the mrs. surely you can give them good story. they r so good together on screen. dean gotta go he just can't act . all he does is sleeo around how about recasting him if ya gotta keep him give him new direction. bring back some intersting actor. to the writers.......as if they will listen..................... look at days when it was so popular and the rating were so good. get the hint has for mr corday .... you will never learn will ya ? to the great members of the site get yer ideas's flowing the ptb @ days need all the help they can get. thanks for letting me have a few minutes of yer day.
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