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Miss Rhi
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I just got done watching the 7 episodes so far this season and even though it started off kinda shaky, I thought it got better as time went on. I get why so many of the couples had to break up but it seemed like to much of it at one time for a bit. That was awful what Rachel's teacher played by Kate Hudson did with the guy Rachel liked. The last episode without the New York story involved was pretty good to me and it was nice to have that storyline rested at least for an episode.

What I don't like at all is what Kitty is doing to Marley which includes encouraging her to become bulimic. I think it's just really sick knowing how many young girls watch this show, and it makes me mad that they haven't done anything to make what Kitty is doing look wrong yet. I'm probably overreacting but it's how I feel. I think it's interesting that they made the lunch lady Marley's Mom though.
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