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Nov 25 2012, 09:05 AM
Nov 23 2012, 08:28 PM
Excuse me Rick, your father has only 12.5% and Thomas/Steffy represent 75% of FC, please STFU and remember that you don't have the vote or money to outseat Thomas as CEO.

Hope is coming off her high horse and finally tells Liam that she loves him and wants him back. I am really not surprised by her actions. Like i said before, she made a decision about their relationship when she was mad. Now that he happy with Steffy, she wants him back. I guess it Hope turn to be desperate and pathetic towards Liam. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Steffy owns 25% of FC and really Hope cannot compete with her on that issue.

Brooke needs to STFU as well. She sold her majority interest in FC to start the Stephanie Forrester foundation. That where she would be working at, not at FC.
I think for FC to really take off Thomas, Steffy, Hope, and Rick all need to put their differences aside. Truly working together will bring out new ideas and take the company to new heights. If Thomas believes he is going to do it by himself then he wil fail. The power has gone to his mind and that isn't a good thing.

As for you saying brooke shouldn't be saying anything and she should be working on the foundation. I am sure she is working on the foundation but she has every right to say something for years FC was her home and you know it still is.

Remember family is more than blood.

As in for Liam being happy with Steffy I don't think he is truly happy with Steffy. All those times he could have gone to Steffy after Hope pushed him away He wanted to be with Hope. It is obivious he loves Hope more than Steffy. Remember if it wasn't for Steffy going after Liam after he saved her for drowning in her bathtub Hope and Liam would be together. It was Steffy that broke up Liam and Hope in the first place.
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