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Nov 16 2012, 11:30 AM
But Lulu and Dante have become predictable. You know it will be Maxie being the surrogate and she will do it to make herself look better in Spin's eyes.

Recast Dillion. Get Josh Kelley or John Paul Lavoiser for the role and have Maxie go for him. If she can't have AJ. It would be nice to see Maxie bond with Dillion, who absolutely adored her sister. I could see a friendship happening and then grow into something more.

Bring on more Quartermaines!!!
John-Paul Lavosier would be the perfect Dillon re-cast. Don't know if GH would do it since GH and OLTL are linked so closely though.

I gotta say please, please, please end the Connie mess, cure Kate or have Johnny the 3 time murderer murder Kate/Connie and then someone find out quick and get Johnny off the show too (another storyline that's gone on waaaay too long!). Also please, please fire the annoying Kirsten Storms and re-hire Jen Lilley before she gets a new permanent job!
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