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I'd love that. Then Steve could come back to Salem and explain why he really joined the isa in the first place: Lawrence is alive and bent on revenge against those who helped Carly elude him after she stabbed him. He wants his own brand of justice, and not JUST against Carly.

Steve wants to stop lawrence and get a little revenge on the man who initially took him from Kayla and Stephanie, and then turned him over to the DiMeras to be tortured.

Jack, critically injured from his fall, was transported to a hospital while unconscious. Hes been incorrectly identified as someone else and was taken to Mercy General instead of University Hospital. Later, when his condition stabilized, he was flown to another hospital out of town for specialized treatment. For awhile he was comatose, but eventually, he regained consciousness and has been in intense rehabilitation since, determined to return to his wife. Unfortunately, when he'd shown what he thought was remarkable progress and made his way home, he heard his wife reveal feelings for Daniel Jonas. Feeling betrayed and angry, he didn't make his presence known to her.

Just before revealing his presence to daughter Abby, he overhears Hope on the phone with Bo. Jack is able to piece together that Steve's been in touch and he needs a hand. Somehow it involves Lawrence. Jack wants in on that action and does a little investigating to find out Steve's whereabouts. He intends to join Bo and give his brother some help in bringing Lawrence down.

The only one in Salem who Bo confides in about their activities is Hope. She never met Lawrence, but she knows he raped Jennifer years ago, and that he took Steve and turned him over to stefano, not to mention the way he held Carly hostage and sold Melanie. Hope and Carly werent really friends, but hes an evil man, so she's on board.

Her one regret is that she can't confide in kayla and Jennifer yet.

When the guys return, they have some things to work out in their relationships. Steve made kayla feel like their life together wasn't what he wanted, but that wasn't really what it was about. Will she understand? Will she reconsider her objections to his working for the ISA? He's not in love with the organization, but he felt useful and fulfilled in the job, and he needs that. He loves her...he always did...and he wants her back. But can she live with his job, knowing what it cost her before?

Jack knows Jen had feelings for another man only weeks after his supposed death. Will he take Jennifer back, or is he done?

Hope kept a big secret from two of her best friends. I predict some tension there.
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