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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

So if Chloe only had/has visitation over Parker.. then why not just have Chloe return to Salem? There would be no need to bring her son with her, let alone her mother. Nancy's solo return is puzzling and I would love to see what TPTB use as an excuse for Philip letting Chloe have his son away from his for so long.

Chloe's need to return to Salem is strange...we assume that she's got need for the Daniel in her world, but he no need for her, while he's all smitten with Jen-Jen. I still say Chloe is the sick one and Philip is generously letting her spend time with Parker. If Parker was ill, I would like to think Philip be right there next to her.

I can't wait for Nancy & Kate face-off, Grandma vs Grandma.... that would be good. I see Grandma Kate keeping a watchful eye on her Grandbaby. I can't see Kate singing Daniel's praises or want him anywhere near, Parker, unless it is reveal that the boy is indeed his. (May sweeps is so far away)
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