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At Nick and Gabi's wedding, Sonny and Chad reveal the truth about Gabi's connection to Andrew. Jennifer and Abby realize that Gabi was indirectly responsible for Jack's death. As Abby chastises Gabi in front of everyone, Jennifer sits with a blank stare on her face. Finally, all of Jennifer's unresolved grief and rage, which she has been using her relationship with Daniel to bury, boils to the surface, and she stabs Gabi in the stomach with a metal cross. Will rushes to Gabi's side and blurts out that he's the baby's father, but no one has time to process this news.

Gabi is rushed to the hospital, where the doctor (Kayla, not Daniel) reveals that someone might have to make a choice to save either Gabi or the baby. Nick wants to save Gabi, but since the wedding was interrupted, he doesn't get to make that choice. Instead, while being prepped for emergency surgery, Gabi regains consciousness long enough to beg Rafe and Will to save the baby. During surgery, the baby survives -- born prematurely, but otherwise okay -- and Gabi also survives. However, Gabi's condition quickly worsens due to complications. Nick arranges a quickie wedding at the hospital, and Gabi dies shortly afterward.

Nick's obsessiveness, coupled with his homophobia, sends him over the edge again, and he vows to destroy Sonny, Chad, Will, and Jennifer's lives. Nick sues Will for full custody of the baby, arguing that Gabi wouldn't want a gay man to raise her child. Meanwhile, Nick secretly plots to kill Chad.

Sonny is devastated to learn that Will has been lying to him for months. After a bitter argument, where Sonny confronts Will about his deception and, in retaliation, Will callously blames Sonny for Gabi's death (even though he doesn't really believe that is true), the couple breaks up. It is revealed that, despite Sonny's seemingly perfect exterior, he once dabbled with Ecstasy during his wilder years. Sonny was not, and still isn't, an addict, but he did enjoy using the drug recreationally. After the argument with Will, Brian finds Sonny, who is visibly upset, and decides to take advantage of the opportunity. Brian invites Sonny to a rave, offers him some Ecstasy, and later seduces him.

After having unprotected sex with Brian, Sonny immediately regrets his actions. Brian, however, can't wait to rub it in Will's face. Will, who had been having his own regrets about his earlier argument with Sonny and had been planning to apologize, becomes convinced that Sonny has moved on. Meanwhile, Sonny learns that he has contracted an STD from Brian (not HIV -- something curable, like syphilis or chlamydia), and he has to deal with the consequences of his mistake.

Laura returns to help Jennifer, who has been placed in a mental institution. Laura refuses to let Daniel see Jennifer, certain that, as a doctor, Daniel should have seen the signs that Jennifer was in trouble. Jennifer finally starts to deal with her unresolved feelings about Jack's sudden, violent death, and she becomes ashamed of her recent actions. The thought of seeing Daniel's face again makes her physically ill, and since he's the most noble, amazing man that ever graced the streets of Salem, he agrees to hightail his noble ass out of town, never to return again. Jennifer also realizes that she owes Nicole a colossal apology.

As the custody hearing begins, Nick sets his murder scheme in motion. Nick plans to kill Chad and frame Will for the crime -- a trump card in his plan to gain custody of Gabi's baby, if his homophobic rants aren't enough to convince the judge to rule in his favor. Nick plans for every possible scenario...except for the possibility of a nasty storm that knocks out the electricity in Salem on the night that Nick plans to murder Chad. Nick shoots Chad in the back, but when the power is restored, he realizes that he has mistakenly killed E.J. instead.

Seeing Chad's grief convinces Nick that killing E.J. was a more fitting way to punish Chad. Will is framed for the crime, but Sonny, who is still in love with Will, manages to prove that Will is innocent. Nick is sent back to prison, with no possibility of future parole (and is later found dead in his cell -- an apparent suicide, but a phoenix symbol is found tattooed on his body...), and Will is granted full custody of his child. Sonny and Will reunite and plan to raise the baby together. Sonny forgives Will for lying to him and opens up about his own past mistakes. When it seems like Will and Sonny have finally gotten everything that they have ever wanted, one of Sonny's past "mistakes" arrives in Salem -- a troubled ex-boyfriend who threatens to destroy Will and Sonny's happiness.
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