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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

Kriss4, Sonny&Will & Hellencatherine I like all your storytelling ideas. Characters aside, it shows how easy it is to come up with better drama that some of the stuff being created DAYS. Best guess is, that the TPTB don't know their characters as well as the fans do. With so many writer changes BTS, inconsistancy becomes a factor and fans are the only constant that see and follow their favorite characters and know when things make sense or not. The writers seemed tunnel visioned, wanted to tell stories that haphazardly put together and only see what they want to see, hence the mediocore SLs & plots.

Somehow, DAYS is stuck in a cycle of rotating & recycling characters & SLs, this must end. I would hire two new 30 something women, old or new characters. I would add a new man to Salem and toss one or two of the current gents.
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