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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

If I were writing Days I'd do a very JER thing and have Stefano return with the news that he has been using Kristen to keep the 'real Sami Gene Brady' held captive since around 2007. He actually never 'returned' her after he kidnapped her to take her twins out to save his life in 2007. When Rolf told him that neither of the twins were Ej's and hence they couldn't help him survive...he extracted the embryos from Sami and implanted them in this woman who he had genetically engineered to look like Sami and send her back home then so she can pretend to be Sami and hense fall for Ej and break Lucas' heart...problem was this 'person' ended up never falling for Ej, truly never committed to Lucas and ended up wanting Rafe instead. So the person we have seen as Sami from 2007 on has been this other 'person' who Stefano created in order for her to fall for Ej so that he can make his son happy, but it never worked out for him in the end. Now...what occurs is that Kristen returned to get her family together on Stefano's orders....finally this engineered Sami is falling for Ej, but he will soon find out that she's not Sami at all....when the real Sami escapes the secret room Kristen has been keeping her in since her return to Salem....she shows up to find 'herself' working for EJ and Rafe harboring these feelings for 'her' and Lucas has moved on...Ej is taken out by a bullet meant to kill the 'fake Sami' fired by the 'real Sami', he dies defending who he thought was Sami. The real Sami then tries to win back Lucas, who doesn't want to get his heart broken again regardless of fake, real of whatever....and pushes her Rafe's way. Sami doesn't want to go that route, but finally begins to fall for Rafe, only to have Lucas realize that he needs to fight for her before it's too late...the triangle can then go on from there with the real Sami torn between this 'new love Rafe' and 'the love of her life' Lucas....may the best man win in the end....

There, hope I haven't confused you all too much....this is probably the ONLY way I can ever accept Sami with any man these days, for the version of Sami that has existed since about 2007 be found to have been a Dimera manufactured imposter.
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