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Tuesday, November 27th

Gabi comes out of the room at the abortion clinic crying
Will goes over and hugs her

kristen is at samis office
says she is clearing out the rest of her things
as of today EJ is all set to take over
she is talking to stefano on phone
he says thank you for making sure elvis got back into the fold
she says i think it was reminding him of how closely he would be working with his beloved Samantha that sealed the deal
he says no doubt
im amazed that you accomplished so much in such a short a time
she says you have no idea
im just getting started

marlena visits brady at the Kiriakis mansion
she wants to talk about kristen

chad goes to the coffee place
sonny wants to talk to him about gabi

Nick on gabis computer
sees the page about the abortion clinic
he notices the paper rafe threw in the garbage
he picks it up

gabi says rafe
he hugs her she cries some more
he says he is right here
sami hugs Will

stefano eating at a restaurant
kate walks up behind him
he says Katherine hmmm
she sits down
he says i dont recall inviting you to join me
she says well im not going anywhere until we discuss our marriage

john comes into samis office
Kristen shows him a lipstick
she says its a prototype doesnt have a name yet
its in the early stages, i was working on making it water proof and smudge proof , but i should have made it bullet proof it would have come in handy with all the looks i could kill im getting
since im stepping aside this is going to be Ej and samis baby now
they will be the ones to see it though the development stage
are you here to see sami
he says no i came to see you

gabi sits down
she says im sorry
rafe says im sorry
i hate that you felt like you couldnt come to me
im here i will support you no matter what
she says i couldnt
he says i love you
ill support you
she says you dont understand
i couldnt do it
i didnt have the abortion
she cries some more

marlena says if i knew why she was calling i never would have deleted
never mind
i invaded your fathers privacy it was wrong and stupid and thoughtless
he says dont be so hard on yourself
its understandable
she says i seem to lose control around her
cant distinguish between right and wrong
he says i understand
she says all the things she did to us so many years ago think i would have become more calmer about it by now
he says i dont think there is a reason to be calm about this
she says her calls were relentless
i thought she was tying to get your father alone again
sorry you were hurt by this
he says its alright i survived
why do you think kristen is back in town
what does she want
she says what she always wanted ,your father my husband

john says what marlena did was wrong, she had no right to delete those messages
what you did for my son i dont take that lightly
he was hurt you helped him im grateful
i appreciate if you would hear me out
she says ok
he says i believe your efforts to make amends to try and turn your life around and become a better person they are sincere
and you have changed
and your actions proved to me that you have
you are the Kristen that i once knew

chad says what about gabi
sonny says you need to lay off her
she got sick last time you laid into her
chad says she was fine when i left
its just more of her drama
im not buying into it
sonny says what ever you said to her really upset her
chad says you dont have a clue about her
how did you know i said anything to her
did nick ask you to talk to me

rafe say we will figure this out
you are not alone
sami says im sorry
i hope you understand
i felt i had to tell your brother
gabi says i understand
sami says you arent alone you have all of us
and nick is going to be there for you
gabi says wait nick knows you told him ?
you must be so disappointed in me rafe
he says no im not you are my kid sister im here for you, im going help you
Will tells her he was trying to see her and stop it but they wouldnt let him in the room
sami says this isnt your place its gabis decision to make
you were there for her you are a good and loyal friend
Will says no im not a loyal friend
i need to tell you something
nick comes in
gabi gets up and hugs him

stef says how did you find me
kate says determination, chutzpah
stef says wasted
she says really?we are together arent we
he says we have nothing to say to one another
she puts the divorce papers on the table
says his snake of a daughter delivered them to her
how did Kristen manage to get back in your good graces , i thought you swore you would never forgive her betrayal
he says kristen is family
she says as am i ,i am you wife
he says you stopped being my wife when you resumed being a whore
and you took another man in your bed
the man who tried to kill me
she says i thought you left me
he says how many times did i have to tell you i would never leave you
she says i regret my actions
i was in pain but i never stopped loving you
are you saying that you will never forgive me
he says no i will not

brady says im wondering if maybe we have been wrong about kristen
mar says oh no not you too?
He says we have always been on the same page
but im not convinced that
she is still the threat you think she is
i know she was a nightmare back in the day
she says she has persuaded you that
she has changed and needs to be brought back into the family
he says no i just dont think we need to be chasing shadows, we need to focus whats good in our lives
she says if you were at the hospital you wouldnt be saying that, i was upset with her in front of your father and she left the room and became the victim and i refused to apologize
and it made kristen very happy
she came back into the room and said thank you to me
it was the way she said it and she was too happy to let me know about it
he says are you sure
maybe you saw what you wanted to see
is it possible that your anger with kristen in the past is clouding your judgement about who she is today

Kirsten says im aware you have been coming around to believing in me again
it really touched me ,it means you understand that i have overcome my past and your forgiveness means everything to me, it inspires me to keep fighting the fight
and im going to keep trying to be the best person i can be
she hugs him

Nick says everything is going to be ok
rafe says we need to talk about where to go next
gabi says do we have to do it now
sami says i dont think you should
gabi needs to rest
nicks wants to take gabi home
rafe says dont do anything without talking to me first
i want to know any decisions you make
i want to be a part of it
gabi and rafe hug
Will says come on
gabi says can we talk about what happened another time not now
Will says ok i will call you later
gabi and nick leave
Will starts to leave too
and Rafe says we need to talk
sami says you shouldnt be blaming Will for any of this, he was gabis friend just trying to help
rafe says he was responsible for Nick not knowing that he was the father of this baby
and i think as the father nick had a right to know

marlena says how could everyone be so blind
where kristen is concerned
you ,sami ,john its like they have forgotten everything she did
brady says its just about giving someone the benefit of the doubt
she says that would be the noble thing to do
and you are all intending to do that and im not which makes me a lesser person
he says no one believes that or feels that
she says she is a major manipulator
you and john better realize that before its too late
he says i would wage a war against Kristen to protect this family but i dont think its necessary because
you already won the war years ago my dad loves you more than anything
and there is nothing Kristen can do to change that
you are too close to what happened in the past
you are convinced it might happen again
im on your side ,dads on your side
it would be best if you let go of some of this bitterness and anger
she says if you chose to forgive her
thats you prerogative and your fathers
but dont let down your guard
protect yourself and your father
he says i will never let my guard down
he says he is going to work
are we good
she says we are good
they hug
he leaves
she notices his cell phone
and picks it up

rafe says i know it sounds hypocritical of me telling you a child has a right to know who his father is,,,i get it
sami says yeah and it wasnt wills decision
it was gabis
rafe says you could have tried a little harder to get he rto come to me
Will says im sorry can i go now
will leaves
sami says are you ok
rafe says im ok
i want to be there for my sister and help her get through this
she says you are and you will be ,gabi is lucky to have you

sonny says what is going on with gabi is my business
she is good friends with Will
you and gabi use to be tight
you dont just turn on a friend like that for no reason
chad says if you only knew what this girl was really like
we are friends too and business partners
i need you to drop this
im not going to let gabi hernandez ruin anything else in my life
he leaves

gabi and nick return to her ugly bedroom
she says i know you have a good reason to be upset with me
he says more than 1
what you did what you were about to do
is wrong on so many levels
she says but i didnt do it ,i couldnt do it
i got up and got dressed and walked out
i realized i was being horribly selfish
he says im glad you didnt do it but
you said you loved me
she says i do i love you more than i thought i could ever love somebody
he says then why did you lie to me about this baby

stef says pick up the used dishes and get rid of them
kate says i defended you to anyone and everyone who warned me you were nothing but a heartless monster
she signs the divorce papers
says what a fool i was
you enjoy your cannoli
she leaves
he reads the papers and sighs

Kristen walking in the square
gets a text from brady
meet me at the rectory
brady walks by
she says i was just on my way to the rectory
he says do we have a meeting today
he says no where are you going
i would like to talk to you
she says sorry i have to go some place

A maid goes into kristens hotel room
marlena is in the hallway
sami and rafe sit on a bench outside the square
sami says gabi has nick ,you had to see how much he loves her ,he is going to protect her
he says thank you for telling me im glad you did ,other wise i wouldnt have been there for her today
she says i thought she needed you
go easy on Will for me
i asked him to be there for gabi
he says think he took your advice a little too far
she saysno he was being a friend
it wasnt his place to stop her
he says here i am blaming everyone for not telling me, i should have been paying more attention to my sisters life
she says there are things in her life she isnt going to want to share
with you
he says how did you get so wise
she says i always have been
when did you stop noticing

Will goes into the coffee place
sonny gives him the money he wanted
will says he doesnt need it
sonny says are you alright ?
Will says things are i dont even know
sonny says does this have anything to do with gabi
something happened and i hope i didnt make things worse

gabi says i didnt lie to anyone
im sorry you found out from Wills mom
he says i was there when the doc told you this, this is why you fainted
she says yes
i messed up i was scared of losing you
he says why do you think you would lose me if you told me about this baby
she says its complicated
he says tell me
she says nick you are not the father
he says you are damn right im not

rafe says i know my sister is going through hell right now , but spending these last few hours with you have felt like
sami says like old times?
He says yeah
she says im sorry that i didnt tell you about gabi sooner
he says you were trying to keep a promise
if anyone understands about trying to keep a secret out of locality
she says yeah
he says at least
this one didnt drive us apart
it made us closer
she gets a call says i have been out of the office awhile
we are working on this new lipstick
there is work to be done
he says thank you for not just telling me about gabi
but for being by my side to day
she says gabi is going to be fine she has you on her side ,she is lucky
he says yeah
she walks away
he smiles

sonny says when he asked chad to back off of gabi
Will says he didnt like it
sonny says thats an understatement
he said he didnt want to let gabi ruin anything else in his life and he took off
will says do you think he went looking for her
he leaves

nick says im not stupid
i can do the math
its too soon for the baby to me mine
how long do you think it will be before
everyone realizes that you played me
she says i didnt plan this
he says i dont believe you
she says i was going to tell you about it
he says when after the baby was gone
im beginning to see a pattern of behaviour here
she says what pattern
he says you couldnt tell me the truth about the baby
or all that happened with you and melanie and chad

brady outside the pub
talks to john
brady asks him to join him for coffee
john says he cant but can he have a rain check , he has some place he has to be
he leaves

The maid come out of kristens room
marlena tells her she spilled her cup of latte down the hall
she leaves to clean it up
and marlena goes into kristens room

rafe goes to samis office with flowers
he is outside her office

nick says you used me gabi
gabi says i would never do that to you i love you
he says do you even know what it means to love someone
now i know why chad was so upset with you for busting up him and melanie
you suckered me in with your little sob story about how you were misunderstood
like i was
how you did things to hurt people and you didnt mean to , like i did
how you didnt mean for that Andrew freak to kidnap melanie
she says i didnt
he says but you left out one detail
you wanted chad
and you got him didnt you
thats why melanie left
not because he beat me up
but because he knocked you up
im not an idiot there is only one person in the world who could be the father of your baby
chad is knocking on the door
saying gabi ,i know you are in there open up
she says dont open the door
he opens the door

brady in the pub looking at his phone
he says i didnt send this text to kristen
oh no

marlena is in kristens room looking at her tablet
says JB
she puts in a password and says
how obvious you are
she sits on the bed reading
Kristen comes in and closes the door
and says Marlena
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