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Nov 26 2012, 02:38 PM
Gabi comes out of the room at the abortion clinic crying
Will goes over and hugs her

Nick on gabis computer
sees the page about the abortion clinic
he notices the paper rafe threw in the garbage
he picks it up

gabi says rafe
he hugs her she cries some more
he says he is right here
sami hugs Will

gabi sits down
she says im sorry
rafe says im sorry
i hate that you felt like you couldnt come to me
im here i will support you no matter what
she says i couldnt
he says i love you
ill support you
she says you dont understand
i couldnt do it
i didnt have the abortion
she cries some more

rafe say we will figure this out
you are not alone
sami says im sorry
i hope you understand
i felt i had to tell your brother
gabi says i understand
sami says you arent alone you have all of us
and nick is going to be there for you
gabi says wait nick knows you told him ?
you must be so disappointed in me rafe
he says no im not you are my kid sister im here for you, im going help you
Will tells her he was trying to see her and stop it but they wouldnt let him in the room
sami says this isnt your place its gabis decision to make
you were there for her you are a good and loyal friend
Will says no im not a loyal friend
i need to tell you something
nick comes in
gabi gets up and hugs him

Nick says everything is going to be ok
rafe says we need to talk about where to go next
gabi says do we have to do it now
sami says i dont think you should
gabi needs to rest
nicks wants to take gabi home
rafe says dont do anything without talking to me first
i want to know any decisions you make
i want to be a part of it
gabi and rafe hug
Will says come on
gabi says can we talk about what happened another time not now
Will says ok i will call you later
gabi and nick leave
Will starts to leave too
and Rafe says we need to talk
sami says you shouldnt be blaming Will for any of this, he was gabis friend just trying to help
rafe says he was responsible for Nick not knowing that he was the father of this baby
and i think as the father nick had a right to know

gabi and nick return to her ugly bedroom
she says i know you have a good reason to be upset with me
he says more than 1
what you did what you were about to do
is wrong on so many levels
she says but i didnt do it ,i couldnt do it
i got up and got dressed and walked out
i realized i was being horribly selfish
he says im glad you didnt do it but
you said you loved me
she says i do i love you more than i thought i could ever love somebody
he says then why did you lie to me about this baby

sami and rafe sit on a bench outside the square
sami says gabi has nick ,you had to see how much he loves her ,he is going to protect her
he says thank you for telling me im glad you did ,other wise i wouldnt have been there for her today
she says i thought she needed you
go easy on Will for me
i asked him to be there for gabi
he says think he took your advice a little too far
she saysno he was being a friend
it wasnt his place to stop her
he says here i am blaming everyone for not telling me, i should have been paying more attention to my sisters life
she says there are things in her life she isnt going to want to share
with you
he says how did you get so wise
she says i always have been
when did you stop noticing

gabi says i didnt lie to anyone
im sorry you found out from Wills mom
he says i was there when the doc told you this, this is why you fainted
she says yes
i messed up i was scared of losing you
he says why do you think you would lose me if you told me about this baby
she says its complicated
he says tell me
she says nick you are not the father
he says you are damn right im not

nick says im not stupid
i can do the math
its too soon for the baby to me mine
how long do you think it will be before
everyone realizes that you played me
she says i didnt plan this
he says i dont believe you
she says i was going to tell you about it
he says when after the baby was gone
im beginning to see a pattern of behaviour here
she says what pattern
he says you couldnt tell me the truth about the baby
or all that happened with you and melanie and chad

nick says you used me gabi
gabi says i would never do that to you i love you
he says do you even know what it means to love someone
now i know why chad was so upset with you for busting up him and melanie
you suckered me in with your little sob story about how you were misunderstood
like i was
how you did things to hurt people and you didnt mean to , like i did
how you didnt mean for that Andrew freak to kidnap melanie
she says i didnt
he says but you left out one detail
you wanted chad
and you got him didnt you
thats why melanie left
not because he beat me up
but because he knocked you up
im not an idiot there is only one person in the world who could be the father of your baby
chad is knocking on the door
saying gabi ,i know you are in there open up
she says dont open the door
he opens the door

Same shit different day! :puke: Gabi's Hernandez show! :puke:

Actors/actresses who CAN ACT TPTB throw under the bus.
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