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Sami and Rafe if you would just shut up for one minute and let Will get in a word in edge wise he would have told you who the father of Gabi's baby really is he was going to tell you hes the father of Gabi's baby and not Nick.

Nick quit yelling at Gabi just because your not the father and yelling cruel things at her you hypocritical jerk. No Nick Chad is not the father of her baby so if you let her finish and say who is and stop yelling at her you would find out who is. Rafe and Sami how little you know that Gabi did already tell the father of her baby that hes the father so he already knows already and Will was not lying and keeping it from Nick that hes the father for he isn't the biological father of this baby.

Sami and Rafe Will does has the right to make decisions with Gabi concerning the baby because he is the father of her baby after all and not Nick he and Gabi have to make these decissions together as the parents to be of the baby and Gabi wants Will's opinion and is letting the father of her baby be involved in the decission making and with whats going on with her pregnancy as she should but you don't know yet that Will is the father of Gabi's baby after all and if you would have let Will talk he would have told you this but again before he can say anything you cut Will off to what he was about to tell you.

I'm glad Will took off to stop Chad from going after Gabi good for him for hes not going to let Chad hurt the mother of his child for it seems Will and Gabi seem more calm and level headed in this more then Nick,Sami,and Rafe and I'm glad Rafe says hes going to be their for Gabi too but neither Nick,Rafe and Sami let Will or Gabi and they should have and just let them talk and get it out in the open.

Will you still have to tell Sonny yet that you slept with Gabi and that your the father of Gabi's baby as well and also have to tell a few others yet Sami and Lucas too that your the father of Gabi's baby as well.

I'm glad Will being their for Gabi holding her and being her support system and truly is a good friend to Gabi and is being their for her and is stepping up and taking responsiblity for the baby for Sami and Lucas too would be proud that he is.

Sami your soon going to be a grandma though you don't know it yet and Will was trying to tell you that before you cut him off and not let him finish.

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