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Nov 26 2012, 04:06 PM
Nov 26 2012, 03:54 PM
Nov 26 2012, 03:15 PM
Sami is wise? I sure hope that was said in jest otherwise I simply cannot fathom that being said with a straight face.

I now want Gabi to start dating Daniel and to move in with Jennifer. I also want Chad to start dating Abby again so that he has a reason to visit Alice's house more often. I want Gabi stressed to the absolute maximum.

Nick's reaction to the news that he is not the father sounds awesome.
who said sami is wise?
sami and rafe sit on a bench outside the square
sami says gabi has nick ,you had to see how much he loves her ,he is going to protect her
he says thank you for telling me im glad you did ,other wise i wouldnt have been there for her today
she says i thought she needed you
go easy on Will for me
i asked him to be there for gabi
he says think he took your advice a little too far
she saysno he was being a friend
it wasnt his place to stop her
he says here i am blaming everyone for not telling me, i should have been paying more attention to my sisters life
she says there are things in her life she isnt going to want to share
with you
he says how did you get so wise
she says i always have been
when did you stop noticing
So its rafe he have no clue about sami
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