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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

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Exactly! Sami has the habit of deluding herself where Ej is concerned, and it always turns out badly. This time won't be any different.
I think Sami just needs to change the way she 'handles' EJ. (I need a Groucho Marx waggling eyebrows smiley to insert here) :laugh:

Truth be told, Sami doesn't have much choice here. She's made it clear to everyone that she loves this job. She doesn't want to quit. And she and EJ are in each other's live coparenting their children. What exactly would Rafe have her do here? And really, what could he do about any of it? Sami is absolutely right in telling Rafe to back off and butt out. I hope she continues to do it far more frequently than she has in the past.
Of course Sami has a choice- there are always choices in life and she is choosing to keep her job, which is fine. However,based on past history between Sami and Ej, and the fact that Rafe loves Sami, gives him every right to be concerned with the situation. That doean't mean that Sami should quit b/c Rafe is concerned about the situation, but knowing how he feels about her, she shouldn't be surprised either. Let's be honest here, Ej being Sami's boss is another example of a manipulated situation which Ej was willing to go along with to try and be closer to Sami. He hasn't been honest with her about how this situation came about, and I doubt he will be.
Of all the ways that EJ has manipulated situations to get closer to Sami in the past, this one is pretty tame. Kristen offered him the opportunity and he's taking it - but he's done nothing to manipulate Sami thus far, unless you count sending her home early to kiss their kids goodnight.
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