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Oh Dear Heavenly Father, please do something to remove Rafe from my TV screen. I've had to replace my FF key twice due to him. How anyone can see him as the good one is beyond me. From the very beginning he has been a dud....He has gone out of his way to cover up unlawful things (so long as these things were done to EJ). He has lied and abused women like Sami, Anna and Nicole to get the info he wants. He has grabbed, jerked around and threatened bodily harm but no one ever seems to hold him accountable for those actions.

Now after almost a year of withholding the truth from EJ about Nicole's baby, instead he's claimed it as his own. He claims he did this because Nicole was scared....Puh lease....Like Maggie said..."Nicole hasn't been pushed around since she was in a baby carriage." Now, today he tried to browbeat Will for doing the same thing he had done. WHAT"S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?

Nicole was hiding the baby from EJ simply to be vendictive. That's the pure and simple fact of that matter. She deserves to be stoned by the good people of Salem if any of them are sin free. I would like to see her be shunned though. She has gotten away with way too much for way too long. I went back and watched Youtube and her actions gagged me and still do.
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