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Viewing Single Post From: Tuesday, November 27th Daily Discussion
Gone, But Not Forgotten!

A strangely interesting epi...a little dull at some parts. Epi was mostly to advance the major SLs of Kristen & Marlena and Gabi baby group... the State sceen was useless. All the way to Europe to try and get your man back and in all of a few seconds, Kate gives in a signs the papers. Ugh...why did they even bother?

I still like how TPTB are twisting the evil web over Gabi lies to include Sonny, Chad & Nick & Willl... there will be some intense momemts in the furture as things play out. So glad she didn't have the abortion!

I really want a Willbaby... not sure why... I just want it.

I loved, Chad and Sonny scenes. Chad is a bit nutso... better than his usual drab self. I loved Sonny too!I loved his face when Will shows up and they talk about Chad's visit and Sonny's request for him to back off, and when Will senses he might go se GABi... Will is out of there in an instant... not even a wilson kiss goodbye. Sonny is not stupid, I am sure the will figure things out.

Nick was crazy protective too. I was not to keen on him chewing Gabi out for her lies. Only a fool sleeps with a girl after a few dates and a crazy profession of undying love. Nick deserves every bit of Gabi and her lies. Gabi wasn't with Nick when she slept with Will... so part of me is okay with her... she needs to tell him Chad is not the father. Should be good.

Safe's closeness.....Sami is still pushing Rafe away. He is such a buffoon sometimes. He wants her bad and she is not caving in.... so he just wants her more. I guess it is soapy... I like that it is not just about gettting sex... their convo was true and meaningful.

Dumb Brady.... like dumb Daddy... so contrived.. to get Marlena isolated from her family and giving Kristen the upper hand. Mar-Brady convo okay... but these two have no chemistry on screen.. Brady is like many of the other men in Salem, he is so one-dimensional. Marlena can hold her own.

At least there was the Kristen-Marlena cliffhanger... something DAYS has been getting a failing grade in for so long now... I can't remember any good mid-week cliffhangers in a long time. Kristen's face when she catches MAR is down right evil. Mar's got her number, even if the bozos in her life are doorknobs.
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