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So I take it Edward left Tracy with nothing on purpose so she can build her own company? Or it was just his way of telling her that he left her with nothing and that they had to work their way up from nothing so now she does too? LOL.

I did feel bad for Tracy. JE has been playing it perfectly.

Anyone else feel like Ned and AJ are a little too old to be bickering like they were in the 90s? LOL. I mean, I love it but Ned looked like a child. I guess it was meant to be played for fun and it was. I wouldn't mind Ned back. I see Wally as Ned more than Justin on DAYS. He looks much more comfortable. It's too bad DAYS has wasted Judi and Wally. I forgot how much I liked Wally and Ned. He and Jax were pretty much shoved aside as romantic leads, though I guess they 'tried' with Jax but they saddled him with Carly and gave him nothing to do for what felt like an eternity.

I had to LOL at the teens today. They all have no careers or futures and it was hilarious that the writers are finally realizing it and putting it out there. We have no reason to care about any of them. I feel like teens are introduced and poorly developed because the writers just assume as kids of fan favorites (hated or loved) that they'll be accepted. I also liked how they made mention how dumb Kristina getting 'revenge' on her parents was. It was a nice convo between Trey and Kristina.

Starr and Molly ... gag me. I like Molly but how can we really care when she only shows up every few months? And of course Starr will go to her publisher father for Molly's book. Oy. That was so badly set up. "Thank you. So much" gag me LOL.

Love Skye defending AJ and bickering with Ned. I love their dynamics. I so wish Ned and Skye were around long-term.
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