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I hate see Tracy get screwed over like that. :(

To think that she is a REAL Q and yet that interloper Skye gets part of the shares along with her daughter and the same with Alice and Tracy gets nothing. Such BS. This kind of writing makes me hate Skye even more.

Ron and Frank disappointed me on that part.

I hated all the Starr/Molly, Maxie/Lulu, Spindork/Sam/Ellie and Kristina/Trey crap. So was not needed. They just dragged the show down. Took away from the real interesting stuff with the Q's. How I wish that Alexis was there instead of that annoying gnat Diane today reading the will instead. Alexis would have been more interesting added more to the scenes since she has history with that family more. And I would have gotten my Nexis.

Love myNed/Tracy.
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