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Happy to finally see Kate and STATE scenes.

Marlena's back on the "tell everyone in Salem about how Kristen is untrustworthy" tour. The Brady/Marlena scenes sound okay though, except it's weird how Brady was vehemently against Kristen and now all of a sudden he's defending her. :eyeroll: Like father, like son- in regards to being gullible idiots.

LOL at Marlena getting busted! I'm ready to see the Marlena/Kristen scuffle!

I can't even process what the SAFE scenes are about. One week they fight, the next they're getting along. They've had the same plot point and whiplash writing as WilSon. No cohesion.

The younger set - Oy. Can WilSon get one scene where Will doesn't go rushing off to help Gabi?

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