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After the special Friday episode I miss Reilly. So...

We learn that Gabi's father was not, in fact, Random Hernandez but was in fact the prolific Stefano Dimera. Her child with Will thus shares the blood of the three key families in Salem (Horton, Brady, and Dimera), following the darker path on the Horton/Brady side as a descendant of notorious schemers Sami and Lucas and happily-wicked blackmail "victim" Will. Toss in Gabi's own darkness and you have a recipe for disaster.

Meanwhile, it's revealed that Eric came back to Salem to fight a great evil. Upon learning of Gabi's special child he knows the prophecies are true and the time draws near. How far will this priest go to stop a baby from being born? And how far will evil go to make sure that it arrives on schedule?

I feel like this would be called "Days-pocalypse" and be a gleefully silly summer story with bad special effects and lots of shirtlessness. Lots of monologues to nobody, too, that somehow never get overheard. Oh, and voiceovers. Cut costs by having them record a bunch of generic phrases, then just pipe it in as needed. Celeste would have to be back, too (of course).

Why not just go there, y'know?
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