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Nov 26 2012, 06:08 PM
No, I don't get tired of the bickering between Ned and AJ. It would be very boring if they got along lol. Yes, some of it is childish, but I just give it up as them being their typical Q selves. And its the rivalry between them. I rather see that than the boring "lets get a long" crap.

I agree about Wally as Ned. Don't get me wrong I love Wally as Justin and still think there is a lot that can be done with him, but after seeing the writers at GH taking the time to actually give Wally more material to work with and more meaningful dialogue as a Quartermaine than as a lawyer in Salem. I love Justin supporting his son Sonny, and being the town lawyers, but he is so much more than that. And Ned as tons of stories on GH that can be told too- with Tracy, AJ, Monica, ELQ, Sonny, and of course Alexis. These last two days have made me realize that DAYS does not truly value Wally as an actor like GH does. It's day and night with those two shows. I think that GH values him more these last two days than DAYS has in the 3 months or so. :( I want Wally on a show that will value him as an actor and allow him to shine like he has on GH as Ned. I would miss Justin very much, but I want to see more Wally and see him be used more than just a prop at this point.

My sentiments exactly. :hail: I love Wally as Justin and Ned, but its obvious to me that GH values Wally more then Days does. Days just seems to use him to prop storylines along with Judi. They are never given any SL material that's about "them". With GH on the otherhand I've seen more of Wally in just a couple of days then I've seen of him for months on Days. And I feel like GH actually values him as an actor and Ned as a character. I want Wally to stay at GH and sign a contract. There's so much potential with the character of Ned and Wally as an actor just has so much to offer. And if Days is going to continue to misuse him he should totally stay at GH where at least he'd be appreciated and more then likely given decent airtime and a good frontburner SL.
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