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Nov 26 2012, 08:35 AM
It's probably too soon to express relief on the Dannifer Christmas front. For example, it's possible that the entire last part of Act 6 is about them (6D thru 6G). Perhaps Daniel doesn't come to the Horton tree trimming, so Justin and Adrienne go back to the Kiriakis mansion and tell him everyone is headed over to St. Luke's and that he should, too (6D). (The flashback could be Daniel's). Meanwhile, back at the Horton house, everyone has gone except for Jennifer and Maggie (6E). They talk about the only thing they ever talk about now -- Maggie's precious Eggbaby. Then, the phone intercuts are of Dannifer longing for each other and wondering if they'll catch a glimpse of each other at church. Daniel decides to go with Justin and Adrienne (6F) And Jennifer leaves the Horton house with Maggie (6G). Both are filled with that special sense of joyful expectation and hope so appropriate for this holiday season. :sarcasm:

11/26 Christmas Eve update
6-D: Kiriakis Mansion/Foyer (Daniel, Justin, Adrienne)
FLASHBACK # 11982-7-A (OAD: 12/17/12)
6-E: Horton Living Room (Jennifer, Maggie)
Intercut: Insert Shot of Jennifer's Phone with text
6-F: Kiriakis Mansion Foyer (Daniel)
Intercut: Insert Shot of Daniel's Phone with text
6-G: Horton Living Room (Jennifer)

Yep, Dannifer are still going strong at Christmas. Since this is Act 6, this means we'll get five acts of the two of them longing for each other from afar.

At least, it seems we'll be spared having Eggbaby at the Horton tree-trimming. But it sounds like he'll very much be there in spirit. We'll probaby see Maggie place his ornament on the tree (unless Jennifer or Abigail does it.) It'll probably be like last year where a major focus of all the characters in the room is on him.

It seems like the show is trying to make an effort to have a big traditional holiday episode,which is nice. I just wish they would have taken a break from the relentless hyping of all things Daniel.

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