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Nov 26 2012, 04:44 PM
Nov 26 2012, 10:35 AM
Nov 25 2012, 03:47 PM
If Caroline returns to Salem sans Bo to follow leads on the Dimera's for whatever crime or investigation Bo thinks he needs to do, then I am hoping that Bo's investigation, leads him to find out that the Dimera's are holding an imprisioned 'Jack' and brings him home to Salem. Bo plans a secret mission.... that maybe Steve Johnson from the ISA could assist with and the duo can do some heavy duty sleuthing and saving like the old days. It would be nice to see this trio on screen together and once Jack is safely rescued, they could return to Salem for DAYS' finale, each of them reuniting with of their lovely ladies of course.
I like your and Kris's scenarios with the exception of Jack reuniting with Jennifer. Jennifer does not deserve him. I would have Jack tell Jennifer (in front of Daniel) that for years he has been loyal to her and only her. That he has tried to be the man she wants him to be but that he has realized she is not person he thought she was. That while she claimed to love him she has continuously abandoned him, choosing to chase after other men. Even when he was at the lowet point in his life she still chose to chase another man instead of being there for him. Have him tell her that he wishes her the best with Daniel or whomever but that he longer believes in her love. Then let him walk out on her ass once and for all.

I completely understand your point about not wanting Jack to hook up with Jennifer. In my story, Daniel would have left her sorry ass too, and she'd be alone for a long miserable while, reflecting on her past and seeking redemption for her misguided behaviour, dating back to Jack's return from Afghanistan. Jennifer working and focused on being alone and spending time with her children.
As much as I want Jack to return to Salem and stick it to Jennifer for her shallow and fickle behaviour, it is truly not in his character. Jack is a pusher, he can push his feelings for Jennifer aside and cast her away, but deep down he will always love her. I would still prefer the amnesia SL for Jack, having no memory of Jennifer. That would be fun to watch.

I actually hate that the writers destroyed have Jennifer's character to the point of her being painful to watch on screen. Sefishly, I would love to see a redemption SL for MR/Jennifer, just to fix the mess MARDAR & TomSell have created. IF MA were to ever return, I never want to see a Jack/Jen + jen's boyfriend triangle, I want to see Jack/Jen and Jack's girlfriend triangle. I would like to see months of Happy Jack & new girlfriend, while Jennifer suffers, the way she made him suffer and have her realizing how it must have felt for him, when she was with Daniel. I want payback as much as the next fan... but Jennifer eventually chasing Jack and proving her love in a 4th go, in a twisted version of their 1st go would be soapy good for me. :biggrin:
I'm all for Jennifer chasing Jack. But it needs to be a slow process. Like you said, she needs to reflect on her past behavior. And not just post-Afghanistan. I think she needs to go back further, all the way to post-Africa and Colin. Jack wasn't perfect with his behavior in Africa but taking their daughter and abandoning him to chase another man was not the correct thing to do. Jennifer needs to figure out why, instead of working on her marriage, she is constantly abandoning it and running after the next best thing. Her vows to Jack are a pretty much a joke now. You don't pledge to stand by someone and then run away the moment the going gets tough. And she's done it repeatedly. I don't want another insta-reunion. I want Jack to tell her some harsh truths. I know deep down Jack will always love her but I never want to see him kissing her ass or chasing her like a lovesick puppy again. I want strong, independent Jack. If Jennifer truly wants Jack, she needs to prove it. Meanwhile, I would love a new love interest for Jack. Maybe Eve can come back and tell Jennifer off like she did before :)
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