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Viewing Single Post From: Monday, November 26th Daily Discussion
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Nov 26 2012, 09:42 PM
I really don't care about this baby storyline, but I wish Gabi would punch Sami and Rafe in their faces. The way they barged in and made themselves a part of Gabi's private business is terrible. And Rafe managed to reach a new low trying to use his badge to burst into the exam rooms. I wouldn't have thought that was possible, but it's Rafe, so I shouldn't be surprised. Where were they when she was screwing with Chad and Melanie's lives? Where was Rafe's concern for Gabi's health when he found out about all the people she helped get killed?

On another note, it's a little odd that Nicole appears to feel worse about what she's done to dannifer than about the death of her kid. I didn't really care for her meekness, either. I think she needs to move past her love for Daniel, but if she wants him, she should go ahead and go after him.

How cute is Ciara? And even she has family chemistry with Eric. Hiring GV is the best choice this show has made in years.

It's too bad non-grey Bricole doesn't have any chemistry, because two brothers fighting over Nicole could be a good story.
It was dramatic, but Sami and Rafe's butting into a deeply personal matter between Will and Gabi (not knowing the whole story to boot) make them both look sickeningly awful in my eyes, especially Rafe. He didn't come off as caring about Gabi to me, but as an angry, manipulative control freak. The character looked terrible in my eyes, and I lost respect for him. His adult sister's body and reproductive choices are her business alone, and if he doesn't think so he can go join the Taliban. I respect that Gabi chose not to go through with the abortion, because that was right for her and I'm very glad it was portrayed as her choice, and I'm glad that Will supported her no matter what.

Will and Gabi were the only people behaving like adults.

And as for Rafe using his badge, it's just another in a long list of reasons why he shouldn't be a police officer.
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