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Nov 27 2012, 10:27 AM
Thomas has good idea's but he is not CEO yet Ridge is!!! He should wait till Ridge comes back or call his Dad and get the OK on his plans....as for Rick, Rick ran the Paris office for 2 years and did a good job. I know we have a lot of Steffy fans here, but when it comes to what is right, we are not speaking the just of it. Thomas is acting with a big head, and I don't care who has that much stock. When comes down to right and wrong, that is what Eric and Rick is trying to make Thomas understand. I don't agree with the way Thomas is acting and Thorne doesn't like it either. And to me that says something.
Steffy is not in the office half the time to really know what is going on. Her love life comes first. LOL!!!!
When Ridge ran the company, he sank all of FC budget into HFTF campaign, not once did he have a meeting with the shareholders or key personnel.
When Hope had numerous press conferences, took the company jet to Aspen, and cancelled her wedding line; not once did she confer with Ridge or have a board meeting.
When Brooke hired Caroline, not once did she had a board meeting. Ridge hired Caroline on the spot.

Thomas is the interim CEO and he has Ridge proxy that gives him the right to vote his father 20% stake in FC. As majority stakeholder, Thomas is being very gracious and businesslike him running FC. Thomas goal was to see the profits return to FC within a year. That more than Eric and Ridge did for the company. At the recent meeting Steffy was in attendance, but Hope was doing other things.
Eric has only 12.5% stake in FC and him telling Thomas who has 50% stake in FC makes Eric look stupid. Rick has no shares in FC so he needs to STFU.
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