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Wow...watching this episode after watching FriDAYS 1997 episode really drove home more than ever how much this show sucks now. I could barely pay attention I was so frigging BORED!!! Maybe Gabi's story would be interesting if I gave a fucking monkey scrote about Gabi. Rafe and Sami are just intolerable douches. The new Eric so far is boring, in my opinion, and he talks like fucking Mushmouth and is constantly screwing up lines. Maggie and Taniel can go jump off a fucking cliff. If they want to take pod-Jen with them, they are more than welcome. I also don't need to have Melanie brought up every other episode...Didn't like her when she was here, not gonna start now. What we need is some drama. Like really villanous villains doing villanous things that fuck with the lives of multiple people...And hey, in the end, when the good guys eventually win, we get a PAYOFF. Haven't seen one of those in like 10 years...

Last week's Kristen moment is the best thing I've seen all through sweeps and that was like a 1 minute scene.
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