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Viewing Single Post From: Monday, November 26th Daily Discussion
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Nov 27 2012, 02:01 PM
What we need is some drama. Like really villanous villains doing villanous things that fuck with the lives of multiple people...And hey, in the end, when the good guys eventually win, we get a PAYOFF. Haven't seen one of those in like 10 years...
this to the nth degree!! there's nothing intriguing going on. no one's trying to manipulate anyone (Marlena's paranoia doesn't count). no one's trying to kill anyone. no one's really lying or cheating or stealing. The show could really use a Franco, or a Megan, or a Colin. Hell, the show would be better if Stefano & Victor hadn't been turned into grandpa teddy bears. Kate needs to scheme again. So does EJ. And Sami. The show is desperately lacking in bad guys.

Dannifer's story sounds like the writers have a hat with ideas that they pick from every other week. "What shall we do with them this week? Oh, look. The paper we chose says 'Dan gets his hand tremors back. This causes tension between Dan and Jen as she tries to help him and he rejects her help.' Let's go with that."
Marlena/Kristen/John/Brady just doesn't seem to have much substance. There's just Marlena paranoid that Kristen wants John. Kristen hasn't even doone anything. She's just in Salem.
As for Gabi & co., if i wanted to watch a "i'm pregnant with my now-gay-ex-boyfriend's baby" story, i'll turn on one of the The CW dramas. So Nick wants to marry Gabi so they can raise the baby together. Big deal. Will isn't the kind of character to sabotage their relationship or try to stop the wedding. Sonny's not the type to stop it either. And i doubt Chad could give a fuck about Gabi & Nick getting married.
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